Inflation is here — and it is higher than anticipated. Bitcoin offers a new means of hedging against inflation with many advantages: it is the first digital object of true scarcity capped at 21 million and it is deflationary in nature; implying its value will increase over time. Since bitcoin is also decentralized, it is not only a hedge against inflation, but also against social and political turmoil. Ultimately, institutional investors as well as retail investors are increasingly exploring alternative hedges and are considering bitcoin, should you?

What is inflation?

El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America, along with the roughly 6.5 million residents (and another 1.5 million abroad) have been in prolonged turmoil: Economic tumult, extreme violence, high poverty rates, political instability, corruption and natural disasters plague the small nation. Bitcoin has recently been instated as legal tender…

Yes, Bitcoin is volatile. In fact, it’s very volatile. Since its conception in 2008, Bitcoin has had stellar price performance, and as part of that performance, the price per bitcoin has been subject to vast and rapid fluctuations. This volatility has been polarizing. Some people are put off by it…

Microstrategy and its CEO Michael Saylor made big waves in the last year when they converted a large portion of its corporate treasury from cash to bitcoin. This move was applauded by Bitcoin-maximalists and crypto-fans but criticized by Bitcoin-skeptics and traditionalists alike. In the meantime, bitcoin has rallied over $50,000…


21Treasury helps you to decrypt bitcoin along with other digital assets.

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